At J. Clay Salon we define a Master by many elements…….


Oxford Dictionary describes a Master as…… mas·ter

1. a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity verb

1. acquire complete knowledge or skill in (an accomplishment, technique, or art) learn, become proficient in, know inside out…..

1. having or showing very great skill or proficiency

Here it’s an honor to be a Master Designer. It’s an honor to work with them and it’s an honor to have one as your personal designer…. No matter their role, they give their all.

They truly have mastered their craft, honed their skills in all aspects of hairdressing, as well as in the art of people skills. They possess exemplary talent, natural ability and total dedication to perfection. I love seeing the Masters interact with each other and the staff as well because they are a unit that works together, laughs together, supports each other unfailingly, encourages each other always and flat out love what they do.

Master Designers act as role models daily but they actually do mentor the other Designers that start off as assistants, move to Junior Designers and up….. Eager potential talent flocks to J. Clay Salon wanting a chance to work with the best, to learn from the best and to strive to be the best. It’s what we do, it’s what we love and we do it all for you….. our valued guest.




A few words from Adrienne’s co-workers, friends and peers......


“Adrienne truly uses her vast knowledge, personality, and heart in all she does for her guests, the salon, her family and more. She’s a go-getter and it shows.
I’m proud to have worked with her from the beginning and witnessed her start as an assistant, grow from a New Talent Designer, to Senior Designer and now to a position that defines who she is.. a Master.

She is one of the most loving, funny, driven, respectful young ladies I have ever known…… and I love her like she’s one of my own!
Congratulations Adrienne!! “ —— fellow Master Designer Christy Rakestraw

“I have known Adrienne since high school. She has always been a great role model for others, even at a young age. From really great academic success, to homecoming queen, she impressed me then, and even more so now! She is a devoted wife, mother, and hair designer. She continues to be a role model for others, in life, and behind the chair. Her artwork is flawless, and she has without a doubt earned her place as a Master Designer here at J. Clay salon. As the salon manager I can say, Adrienne is one stylist whom I can always count on to do her job flawlessly; every time. She creates amazing hair everyday and takes pride in her work. Hair is her passion, and it radiates from her positive attitude and the experience she offers each client during their time with her. As a Senior Designer, I have always admired the hair that she creates! Working beside her for 10 years has been a pleasure and has pushed me to improve my knowledge and ability as a stylist. Thank you Adrienne for all that you have to offer! And congratulations; Master Designer!!”

BobbieJo Holland —- Senior Designer, Salon Manager and Wellness Staff

“Adrienne is one of my most favorite people in the world! The list of her attributes, characteristics and values is long! She is beyond thoughtful and cares deeply for other people, she has a strong faith that she holds in high regard, a beautiful family and caring husband whom she gives her all to and for, she is extremely talented and creative in more ways than I think I even know of which is a wonderful gift to have as a hair-designer.
Adrienne has a thirst for knowledge and learns with an attention to detail and logical mind. She has an unbelievable fashion sense, always being dressed impeccably and a with an awareness of current trends…. seriously the girl is fabulous! She ALWAYS conducts herself in a professional manner with discernment and objectivity and that alone makes her a joy to work with in a fast-paced hectic business, I know I can always count on Adrienne to represent the excellence we strive for. She has a remarkable sense of humor with an extremely sharp wit, and let’s not forget that she is also a Master of many different accents which I’m sure she’d be willing to demonstrate if asked. Even though this list is long I KNOW that I’ve just scratched the surface.