Clear space to allow peace of mind.

I’m pretty sure this blog will be about hair, somehow

I don’t know about you, but every once in a while I get overwhelmed with having too much stuff. Even though I am not much of a shopper, at all, and I definitely don’t hoard or collect things, it still seems that certain items get stocked up on way before I use them. I’m partial to tea’s, candles, paper products (who doesn’t love a great set of stationary!), books, yet, another journal, hair & skin products, supplements and a few other things like fabric and crafty stuff. Yikes!

Philosophically, I do believe in the fact that in order for something new to come into our lives, we need to make space for it. I have found that to be very true in my life. From rooms that need decluttering, garages that could hold a new car, if there was actually room, to finding the right relationship or employee if we cleared out the ones that aren’t working for us. That may sound harsh but it’s true… at some point all of us have clung to some sort of friendship, relationship or such, that was truly bringing us down and not until we were ready to let it go and move on, did what we need actually show up in the form of, the love of our lives (I’m still holding space for that lol), the best of friends, mentors, the right hairdresser 😉 , teachers, guides and more.

At the very least, for me, if I clear space I find myself more willing to create. Such as, my kids know I love to cook but I hate to do it if I have to clean up the kitchen first… ugh! seriously though, I know you get that one. How frustrating is it to come home loaded down from the grocery only to find you need to clean out your fridge and pantry to make it all work, or to make it pleasing to the eye? I’m all about a well organized life but I also have an artistic, creative personality so with me it’s all or nothing. I’m either going to ignore my household responsibilities and play, read, spend time with kids, work or I’m going to tackle my house like a whirlwind till everything shines, furniture is rearranged and somehow I’m wondering how I can move everything upstairs down and down up! lol, ok it’s not that obsessive but my daughter loves to laugh and say “uh, oh… there she goes! the furniture is getting moved today!”

As I was searching my cabinets today for a deep conditioner to help my summer, beach-dried hair, I realized I need to use up all of this stuff that’s taking up way too much space in my cabinets. I hear from so many of you about how your cabinets get full of products too. I’m writing today to challenge us all to use up what we can or give away what we won’t use. Lot’s of times they are perfectly good products but they just aren’t our favorites. I love to use Aveda’s curl prep, followed by Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Firm Gel (shhh, we don’t even carry it but I love this gel for my hair and I am always honest and a huge advocate for you to do what works for you) or Confixor or Men’s Liquid Pomade. Yes, I love the Aveda men’s line for my hair too… it smells SO good! I also LOVE to finish my hair with Humectant for added shine, great smell and resistance to humidity so my hair won’t frizz. Truthfully…. I have a LOT more products in my medicine cabinet though, not as many as you might think for a hairdresser. After all I’m a bit of a ‘granola girl’ in an image industry. I definitely have more tea choices and books than makeup and hair products but…Back to my dry hair… I did find a tube of Damage Remedy hair repair and today I used that as a leave-in and I set the tube by my toothbrush holder so I will use it everyday until it’s gone and my hair will feel amazing and I can have one less tube in my collection.

Ok, you get the picture.
I invite you to think for a moment about a few things…

What are you hanging onto that is no longer serving you? take a moment and make a list of three things, concepts, ideas or whatever you want that you are ready to let go of.

Maybe it’s material, like a closet of things that should be donated or bathroom cabinets of products to use or a pantry of ingredients you need to use to make those recipes you found on Pinterest.

Maybe it’s thoughts about yourself or others, life is tough… be kind. I especially encourage you to be kind to yourself. Leave yourself post-it messages of encouragement, treat yourself to things that nourish you, like a healthy meal, a bubble bath or massage. Send a friend a text or make a call and tell them the things you also want to hear because what we give out, we get back. Please let go of any negative thoughts about yourself, just let them go, you are beautiful and I hope you tell yourself that regularly.

Maybe it’s physical (I’m on a mission now to lose weight and I am committed to a 21 day Beach Body workout)… maybe you want to take up a hobby, do something you’ve never done, start walking, start running. I’m 47 and I just kayaked for the first time in my life and I loved it so much it might become a hobby. So maybe I need to clear space and let go of some of these hobby-things I have that I will never do.

Now you have a list of what you want to let go of so it’s time to think about what you want to bring into your life.

Make a list…
What are your hopes, dreams, bucket list goals or maybe it’s something simple. I want a hammock to relax under the trees and read a book or listen to the birds, but maybe I need to commit to clearing out a closet until I bring that new item in. Use those same ideas of what you are letting go to inspire you about what you want to bring in.

Have you heard of that popular book about purging and organizing? I need to look it up on Amazon and I will leave a link at the bottom of this post but the idea is, as you go through your house,, to hold each item you have and ask yourself if it brings you joy and if not then it’s time to let it go. I like that idea and I am going to challenge myself to do just that with several rooms, cabinets, closets and more.

Maybe this will keep us both inspired to use up what we have, buy only what we will use and clear up space for the most amazing things to come into our lives…. like peace of mind that’s created by peaceful, clear space in your environment. So use that gel, take those supplements, use those yoga dvd’s you bought ages ago, get out in nature, create something and give your excess to charity so others can benefit from this process too. Then to feel really great maybe it’s time to visit your favorite salon and let go of some of that hair for a whole new style and a new you. I don’t know, just a thought 😉

I hope this inspires you as much as all of you inspire me. Happy purging and let me know how it goes!

Written by Jennifer Clay
Salon owner, people builder, space clearer, single-mom and crafty, outdoor granola girl 😉

Here is that book I keep hearing about. I’m inspired to get it myself… which means maybe I should purge some of my books. Yikes! How do you purge books?? If I follow this advice all I need to do is ask myself if they spark joy. Ok, I’m in… cause I definitely know, more than ANYTHING else, I want my life to be about what brings me joy and in turn how I bring joy to others. Enjoy! or should I say IN-joy! yes, I like that….