Our First Annual Mother’s Day Makeover Event

What a gift, for myself and salon management, to read the slew of diverse Mother’s Day stories you shared with us about your amazing moms!

A huge thanks to all of you who submitted your stories about your wonderful Mother’s. We wish we could have chosen them all. In fact, we were so overwhelmingly moved by them that I decided one winner was not enough so we chose three! ~~ Jennifer Clay

Keep reading to learn more about this successful & heartfelt event including…

  • How it came to be.
  • The stories from our actual winners themselves.
  • Candid and professional photo’s of the makeover sessions
  • The stylists that created the amazing transformations on these already beautiful women.
  • More about how you can enter your mom next year!

Master Designer and Salon Coordinator, Christy Rakestraw, was the heart-centered brains behind this creative endeavor. Christy has a huge heart and when she came to me and said, “I’ve been working on an idea I think would be great for the salon, it’s something I want to be a part of since it means a lot to me to give back to the community and I will handle it all if you’d just brainstorm with me and do the writing.” Of course I was super excited immediately as it’s our mission to create an exceptional experience for all of our guests and who deserves that more than the mom’s out there who selflessly and unfailingly give their all to their children.

… and the winners are!


Laura Butts 

 Hair- Heather 

 Makeup- Morgan 

A new mother that receives news she has breast cancer when her daughter is just 10 months old and her husband sends in the story!

Laura and daughter Hannah Butt’s story, as told by her husband….

So on April 8th 2014 Hannah Isabel Butts was born and was the greatest blessing to our lives. Hannah came into this world a bit early needing to be delivered through a immediate C-section which went very well. Laura and Hannah did very well and we came home a few days after surgery. Hannah wasn’t the easiest baby but still the most wonderful gift. She had extreme milk protein allergies that plagued us for a while till we got it figured out. So many fussy days and sleepless nights. All seemed to be going very well until 10 months after Hannah birth. That is were the real story begins and why Laura is the greatest Mother and wife I could ever be blessed with.

In February of 2015 Laura was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and our worlds would be flipped upside down. It was a very hard and long journey that I know by writing this I could never tell or express the total experience with true justice without writing a novel. This journey would take us through many months to a year of battling this terrible disease! The absolute terror of the unknown was more than overwhelming, with a new infant at home and now a battle for life that no 36 year old women should ever have to endure. It was not without the amazing courage, strength, and unwavering faith in God my wife bestowed that I or our families got through.

It all started with surgery to place the port which was used to deliver the awful chemotherapy she would be given for next 5-6 months. This would take away her hair, her strength and almost her life at times. Her body became so weak she could barely move. The constant trips to the doctor 2-3 times a week became just overwhelming but it had to be done. After a couple of months of chemo there was a evening she was very weak and took a fall in the living room that would be a devastating blow. She passed out while walking back to the couch and fell face first on a drinking glass that would leave her face majorly damaged. A emergent trip to the emergency room and several hours of stitching by a facial plastic surgeon to try to repair the damages left her with some major scaring and healing to also endure. This never got her down! She kept pushing through! Then just a couple of weeks later after another round of chemo her body shut down. Her body stopped making white blood cells (Neutropenia) which landed her in the hospital for over a week. The doctors fought hard to get her body to start working again. She spent days and nights with temperatures of 104 and recent trauma to her face that just was trying to heal and a body that was so weak. She prevailed and was able to go home after some time. She continued for many more months going through more chemo and her wounds healed. It was so hard for her, she had lost her hair, her strength, had scars on her face, her body was weak and was missing her baby grow up. She cherished some sweet snuggles when she could. At the end of the chemo it was time for the big surgery! 10+ hours she endured the bilateral mastectomy and muscle reconstruction. It was another week in the hospital and months more of pain and suffering. She still was the most amazing strong woman that put on a smile and took on what ever came at her. Good news and a possible end in sight was on the horizon. This would carry on to the next year where she would start to get stronger and her hair would slowing start to grow back. She would start to get her independence back. She would have to visit the doctors weekly for check ups and expansion of her temporary breast. She would have to go back to surgery one more time for final implants. Well of course it wouldn’t be her last, there would be another do to some complications after, she had to have another.

The journey is long and the story is longer with a battle she will fight forever. Laura has continued to always be strong in her faith in God and always still caring more about others through this long journey. She is the rock in our family and is the most amazing mother to Hannah. The courage and faith that she puts out in to this world everyday shines bright. She is the mother of the year! She is the mother and wife that God has blessed me with. This short story could never explain the true wonderfulness of this women, mother, and wife! I Love you Laura!

Scott Butts

Dorothy Armstrong 

 Hair- Naomi 

Makeup- Valena

Regina Walden

Hair- Justin 

Makeup – Morgan

A mother of special needs twins, herself living a challenging day to day life giving her kids her all, takes the time to nominate her own mother

Dorothy Armstrong’s story…

Hi! My name is Regina Walden and I am writing to you about my amazing mother, Dorothy Armstrong. My mother deserves a day of pampering for everything that she does. I am a single stay at home mom of three awesome little girls- two of which are severely special needs 5 year old twins. I can’t work because of their doctor appointments, therapy appointments, and constant medical needs. To help, my mom works overtime to help cover my groceries and my power bill. She works long, hard hours and commutes in terrible traffic to make sure that my girls get every opportunity they can. She only gives. When she sees that I’m starting to get a little “caregiver burnout”, she watches my kids for me (because of the feeding tubes and Epilepsy, she’s one of the few people who feel comfortable watching them). She even sacrifices her free time to take my oldest to soccer games and practices. She lives with my sister and helps with her children as well. I have never seen someone give as much as she does. She’s my biggest inspiration and my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Thank you for considering her for your Mother’s Day makeover. Regina Walden

Christine Bowen 


Makeup- Valena 

The daughter, one of two amazing young ladies, sends an entry in about her mother raising 5 kids as a single-mom, overcoming extreme hardships (many I had the privilege to hear in person that weren’t even in the letter) and going on to be an author of 6 books and traveling the globe empowering women to live their best life.

Christine Bowen’s story….

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to express why my mom is the greatest. In the 36 years that I have been alive,

my mom has shown me so much. I was always in awe as a little girl how my mom was able to juggle raising 5 kids (I am the oldest), always having a home cooked meal on the table every night, being home room mom for all 5 kids, and somehow being able to provide equal love and comfort to each of her children. When I look back at my life, I can honestly say that my mom was not only my strength but also my best friend.

She is such a talented woman as an artist, photographer, and teacher (all grades). When we were kids, she put her dreams on hold to be a mom. She worked her way slowly through photography school, while still meeting all our needs tamtrums and all. She never gave up and eventually had a small side job taking pictures. As we grew up she was our greatest advocate in life whether it was in school or when my sister became paralyzed at age 14 from a rare disease and then miraculously getting healed later on. My mom never gave up hope, and lived at the hospital to ensure that her child would fight and live to see another and the next day. I think that was the first real time I opened my eyes to what my mom was really like as a mother so unselfish and so giving of herself.

Time went on and we all grew up, got married and continued to stay close thanks to my mom who is the glue still to this day for our family in laws and all. The best thing for me personally in my life is that when my husband and I wanted to start a family, it took quite some time for us to conceive. Through each devastating month that would go by, my mom truly was my constant giving me hope and faith, and showing me not to give up. Sure enough my husband and I became pregnant with our son. The best part of it has been how much my son loves his Nana and how she is with him so loving. She does so much for her 3 grandsons and they love her soon much. Now 3 years later and wanting to try again, my mom was right with me again as we anxiously waited for good news just one more time. Again taking some time (not as long) but now I am expecting again.

My mom taught me to always look at the glass half full and approach everything with a positive attitude and to see the beauty in everything that is around us.

Now she is an author of 6 books, and she goes around and is a speaker to rehab centers, and children’s centers, as well as libraries,etc. She does all of this with no charge and out of the goodness of her heart so selflessly.

I wish I could give my mom the world and back for everything she has done for me. I say everyday that I hope in my life to be just as good a mom to my kids as my mom was to me. She is truly deserving of so much, which knowing her she would probably give it to someone who needs it more than her because that is the kind of person she is. To sum all up, I hope you take the time to read this and know why my mom Christine Bowen is so deserving of this. If you would like to see more of her outreach please Check her out at www.authorchristinebowen.org. Thank you for your time in reading this and Happy Mothers Day to all!!!

-Kimberley Adams