Did you know that our Master Designer, Heather Seiler, is also the salon’s lead educator?


Heather, by far, creates some of the most artistic hair design I have ever seen in my career.

She is meticulous, creative, passionate and flawless… yes, flawless! She takes her time with each guest and perfects the look that is most complimentary for them, truly taking in everything about the client, from the way they dress, their lifestyle, hair type, body type, face shape and more. She uses all of these details like a road map to truly design a signature look for her guests that is red-carpet worthy.

From expertly formulated to flawlessly applied color, haircuts that would stand strong in any high-fashion magazine, to her fabulous up-style creations and meticulous blow-outs… Heather is an artist! On top of always being 100% put together herself… she will guide you from makeup to shoes on how to totally rock it… and completely there and listening to her guests, she also trains all of our up-and-coming Designers and she has for years. Even our now-Master Designer, Adrienne was once a student of Heathers. Wow, how time flies!


When you are seeking out a new designer there are a lot of things to consider, let me tell you why I think it’s time you scheduled with Heather.




  • She has worked in high-end salons in downtown Atlanta. Stop wasting most of your day by driving so much when high-end salon hair is right here near you.

  • Your fears of your stylist leaving a salon, no worries, Heather has worked at J. Clay Salon for over 16yrs and isn’t going anywhere.

  • Yep, her kids are grown and on their own so there’s no distractions to her schedule…ever.

  • Heather prides herself on being on time so if she’s late it’s only because she’s giving her guests 100%… as she will for you.

  • She’s not into gossip or drama so your visit will be about you.

  • Creating beautiful hair is her passion and she looks forward to EVERY guest. You will never feel like an inconvenience.

  • You deserve the best-of-the-best taking care of your greatest accessory… your hair deserves Heather!



Call now and mention this blog and NEW clients will get 20% off their first visit with Heather. This does not expire… it’s your treat for reading our blog and we thank you! Remember though, this savings is for new clients only. If you already come to J. Clay Salon keep watching your email, FB and reading our blogs for more opportunity to save.