Justin’s promotion to Senior Designer

I am SUPER proud of Justin! Not only because he’s singly one of the best new Designers I’ve ever worked with in my 27yr career (more on that in a moment) but also because he’s patient, understanding and aware that there is SO much more to a stylists promotion here at J. Clay Salon.

Occasionally timing is everything and when Justin started as an assistant here, with the intention of going on the floor as soon as possible and starting a career…. he held back and helped me when I was in great need for him to keep on assisting. He truly is one of those employees that silently has your back when others may resent you for “holding them back”. That is a quality most rare in people and Justin overflows with it. I’d say he has a grace and understanding about him that make you feel supported. Thank you Justin.

When he finally had the opportunity to start on the floor as a Junior Designer… whoa! Did he ever shine! Seriously I have never in my career seen such natural, effortless talent right out of the gate, so-to-speak. I work with a lot of talent too, but what I am describing is an artist that needed very little guidance in actually how to create fabulous hair. Even for myself it took years until I felt I perfected my craft and with Justin… he just has ‘it’.

Again he patiently waited as a Junior Designer while others before him craved a Senior promotion, but just lacked the talent for it… he was gracious, understanding and… patient! I’m only saying this because I have wanted to promote Justin for quite some time… but like a fine wine, now is his time. I’m also pointing this out because that is what you get from Justin behind the chair too, his graciousness, his ability to listen & understand, his ability to see the big picture and then create the look that is just right for you.

Timeless grace & elegance… you’ll get all of that and more with Justin.

Many of you already know and love Justin and his client list expands rapidly every day. This is what I meant by his natural talent. He is an artist… paints, draws, creates… and excellent hair is the perfect medium for him to showcase his ability. If you are looking for a Designer… a Senior Designer no less, that is off the charts amazing, creates some of the most outstanding colors & haircuts I’ve seen and also weaves in that charm, grace and witty personality… Schedule with Justin. You will be amazed and glad you found a true artist to be your stylist.

Congratulations Justin on your well-deserved promotion to Senior Designer. I look forward to watching your career continue to sky-rocket!

~~ Jennifer Clay


In His Own Words…

This promotion to senior stylist has been such a joy and honor for me. I remember when I decided to become a hairstylist, my stylist and motivator was a senior stylist at that time, Naomi Saxon. I felt like becoming as good as her was such a far off goal, so to be on the level she was at the time feels like I’ve achieved a major goal in my career. It’s a bit surreal… I came here as a client, loved everything about the salon and my Stylist, and now I am building my career here.

I’ve now been doing hair for over 6 years and I feel as if I’ve achieved a lot in that amount of time . I’ve always felt like there are two types of stylists in the world. One sees hair from a methodical point of view. They see your hair almost as a math problem that needs to be analyzed and solved to give you the exact results you want. The other sees hair from a more artistic standpoint, they see hair as a canvas to create a living piece of art that you and the world can appreciate. While any good stylist is a combination of both, I’ve always seen myself mostly as the latter. Hair is truly Art to me and I’m very thankful and appreciative to my clients for giving me their trust to do hair the best way I know how.

I’m incredibly grateful to the work environment I’ve been raised and nurtured in. An environment that gives me the freedom to grow in the way that best suits my artistic and personal needs. I know that’s not the case for everyone in the working world and I treasure my creative freedom daily.

I’m very excited for the years to come and looking forward to what comes next in my career. Including, and most of all, the relationships I am building with my wonderful clientele and the meetings of clients yet to come that embrace me practicing my art, my passion and my love for hair.

Thank you to my peers, to my boss Jennifer and to my valued guests. ~~~~ Justin Walters

In the words of his peers…

Justin is an outstanding stylist, he is truly an artist with amazing talent. Justin and I have known each other for 10 years. First I was his stylist and now we have worked together for 7.
I’m always amazed at his creativity in the salon and out. His talent is not just in hair. He digitally drew a picture of my daughter that I love and display in my home.

When he started behind the chair he brought an element of inspiration for myself, almost making me new again. I totally love working with him and also hanging out together outside of work when we get the chance.
~~Naomi Saxon

I have had the pleasure of working with Justin Walters for 5 plus years now. Justin is an amazing individual, both personally and professionally. I have seen him grow from a young man to an eager-to-learn stylist. He pays great attention to detail, having one of the most creative and artistic minds, which is shown daily through his work. He shows how important his passion and dedication to his career is. I feel it’s a privilege to both work and know him.
~~Erin Wood

I have loved Justin from the day I met him, 6 years ago, at J Clay Salon. His laid back demeanor and witty personality is irresistible. He is the cream of the millennial crop. Creative, artistic and always in tune with what’s new & trending. His clients can always depend on his inherent artistic ability to create the perfect wearable work of art. CONGRATS Justin! You deserve it!
~~Liz Richardson